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7th-Aug-2013 12:46 pm - So I'm a crazy person...
Pretty girl.

And I've decided to fad diet.

...But not just any fad diet, no-no-no -- the HCG Diet.

It boils down to you take HCG (which is short for Human chorionic gonadotropin ) and you eat very few calories a day and you lose about a pound on average a day.

But what gets scary is when you start feeding in details -- the HCG is a hormone that pregnant women secrete. It causes their bodies to burn calories to feed a fetus when enough calories aren't coming in -- it's how women in Africa can give birth to fat, healthy babies -- and it's only available by prescription. The low amount of calories? 500. A day.

That's INSANE, you say! People need at LEAST 1200 calories a day to LIVE! You'll STARVE!

And you're right -- I would starve -- if I hadn't taken the HCG to turn my body in a vertiable calorie furnace, burning abnormal fat for fuel. The HCG targets abnormal fat cells -- not muscle or structural fat, which is the stuff that makes your skin lay appropriately -- but the ugly stuff that doesn't look pretty in pictures, and the HCG also curbs hunger.

IT WON'T WORK, you cry! It's a LIE!

And I might have been apt to agree with you -- if I hadn't lost 30 pounds on a trial run of this thing about a year ago. That's right, in 45 days I lost 30 pounds. And I didn't even stick to the diet that much. About halfway through I started cheating on weekends -- eating whatever I wanted, pizza, pasta, ice cream -- and I still managed to lose weight during the week. Afterwards I kept it off for about 2 months before I started screwing off again, eating junk and not paying attention or exercising.

This time, I'm committed. I'm on day four, and my second day at 500 calories and I've already lost 3.8 pounds. Can't say that's too shabby considering I haven't exercised a lick.

By the end of the year, I intend to be within 20 pounds of my goal weight, and by faire season of next year (April 2014) I intend to be at or under my very reasonable goal weight of 170 pounds.

In order to ameliorate John's fears, I'm only doing two stints of HCG. I get my first 60 pounds or so off this way, and the rest -- the last 30 or so -- I'm going to do the way everyone else does -- diet and exercise. I think it's a fair exchange, as I HATE to exercise and I need to learn how to balance eating and exercising in a way that maintains my weight, rather than too much or too little of one thing or the other that then throws it out of whack.

I think that being happier about my weight will help me be happier in lots of other places where I'm not so happy. I think it will give me a bit more confidence, and generally give me something to focus on so that I don't sabotage other things in my life because I'm naturally impatient and impulsive.

I also really, really want to be a theme character at faire this year. I don't know if -you- have noticed, but I've noticed that only dudes are allowed to be chubby theme characters in the Renaissance. I'm pretty sure that even though I know my idea is good, and I know that I'm a great actor when it comes to faire and guest interaction -- a thinner me is going to have a better shot than the fatter me. It's a visual biz. I get it. Besides, I'm already hard to accept because I'm so friggin' tall.

I also really, really, REALLY want to stop hating this one thing about myself. I've hated it forever. Sometimes I hate it less than others, but I've always hated being big. I can't control how vertically expansive I am, but I can control how horizontally expansive I am. I love SO MUCH about who I am and where I am in my life and who I'm spending that life with -- why would I continue to let one thing just ruin all of that for me and drag me down?

Being in California initially made this self-loathing worse, but I've recently come to realize that even the "beautiful people" suffer. That people who look what we think of as "good" have to constantly work to stay so -- they abstain from eating certain things, they exercise like madmen, and they generally have to make an effort. Why would I be any different? I'm not. So I feel less deprived about having to give up things, and less unhappy about having to exercise.

I've also set some great motivational goals. After I hit my 180 mark, I'm investing time and money into trapeeze classes at the NYC School of Trapeeze down at the Santa Monice pier. When I hit 220, I'm investing time and money in aerial silk yoga classes at the local place nearby.

I'ma join the circus, yo! :D

Okay, not really -- but they seem like fun ways to exercise and will make me more graceful and poised and aware of my own body.

I think after this first round I'm going to make John take some dance classes with me. Coz I can.

But for now, I'm going to go have lunch and then get down to work for the day. :)

Pretty girl.

Oh I know they do. And I think I do again too.

So welcome me home, LJ. I'm the prodigal daughter returned home to your cuddly bosom.

I haven't got a LOT of time to whine, but things boil down to this:

My life's okay, but I'd like to whine about it occasionally.
I'm working on some other demons and I'd like to complain about those too.
You're such a good listener LJ, and I'm certain that you love to listen about my daily blahblahblah, so you won't mind so much.

So tomorrow, after work there will be a large update in which you can catch up on what's going on in the World of Mandie.

But for now... bed. Which is a shame because Shark Week is showing "Voodoo Shark" and the insomniac in me really wants to stay up and watch it. But I can't, because I have to be somewhat alert while braving rush-hour traffic to Pasadena tomorrow morning.

So toodleloo!

31st-Oct-2009 02:33 pm - Holloween Tidings
princess face!
So John and I have found a house to live in, in Riverside, CA. We sign the lease on Monday, and from there set about finding appliances, some more furniture, and generally work to settle into the place. It's gonna be slow going as money and whatnot is tight, but eventually it'll be a really nice house. Two bedrooms, a big kitchen and living room - a dining room with a built-in cabinet - it's much bigger than the place we had, that's for sure.

I've been sick for the last week - trying to get over the flu while dealing with all of this mess and a house full of six people has more or less made me hit the peak of the ooginess today -- but in another hour or so I'm gonna pop myself into the shower and force all of the gunk from my lungs and nose and pull on my flishy-heart skeleton-tee (if you've seen it, I'm sure you know it) and then get myself prettied and skullified up to meet JP and Holly and some other cats at Chili's. From there we're gonna go to Knotts [berry] Scary Farm for haunted houses and attractions galore. :D We got our tix about a week ago, I'd wager they're sold out now.

I like Halloween, it's a shame I've been too busy to really roll out any costumey-plans this year. (You can't wear costumes to the haunted houses around here.)

Now that the house thing is settled, my attention turns to finding a job. Hopefully it'll be easier than the house ordeal was.

I've been looking into theatre stuff here -- where to audition, etc. - there's a couple of good community theatres in Riverside, which is where the house is, so hopefully I can get into that again as well. I miss Renaissance faires and acting in general. I need to do it again. I think I'm ready to commit to it again. I'd prefer to have headshots and stuff, but I can limp along a bit without for a little while.

Beyond that, the weather is still warm and sunny -- it sort of sucks because I'm all clammy and feverish and I want it to be cooler as I sit out here on the front porch, but yanno -- it gets plenty cold at night. Nice and autumnally chilly. It won't ever snow, but I'm okay with that. (We'll see how I feel when Christmas comes along.)

Aaaannyyywho, I should go check craigslist for stuff we need for the house. :) This is my life anymore -- craigslist-fu. I work my ninja-skills to try and find us good stuff cheap. :)

I miss you all, and I hope your Halloween is splendiferously frightening and fun!

14th-Oct-2009 07:01 pm - It's always sunny in California!
Pretty girl.
...But not today. And not really yesterday either.

Apparently, this is "monsoon season" in SoCal. It will (I'm told) rain a couple more times and then it'll be done until it heats back up again. Temperatures waggle around the 70's, and a bit cooler in the eve. Everything is pretty well here, despite various thwartment on the home-search.

We've looked at a lot of places, but didn't get the one we really wanted. That sent us back to the drawing board, and we've now enlisted the help of a company who works to find locales and ease the rental process. We're looking at a house we really like tomorrow eve - it's 95 bucks out of our price range (which ain't too shabby at 900 bucks a month being our top-out) but our rental company thinks they can get the rent dropped so we'll look at it and then see from there.

I'm sort of confused about how unaccommodating the Realtors in this place are. It's like, "Hey. I wanna give you money. Can you please let me inside this place so I can decide if I wanna make this check out to you. What? You want me to wait two days to see the joint? What the hell for? I've seen the joint. I know I want it if we can discuss. Let's make a deal here."  Seriously. No customer service. It's weird to me.

I was offered a chance at a receptionist job in  Beverly Hills - and I had to turn them down. (Grudgingly, I admit.) I can't start when they need me to (Friday. Yes, THIS Friday.) and Beverly HIlls, as nice as it is is WAY too far from Riverside. It's a 70-mile in nasty traffic commute. That's anywhere from 3-4 hours a day commuting. Maybe more. I just can't do that right now. The headhunter who called me up about it was very nice, and she's assured me if she has either this job (which makes my eyebrow go a bit waggly to think it will still be available after all that time) or another, she'll be willing to deal with me again. It felt pretty snazzle-dazzle to BE headhunted, and to have a shot at a job my first week here, but I gotta sort house out first. I cannot, nor do I have the patience or peace of mind to juggle both hunts at once. I will go nuts if I try. Honestly bat-shit insane. (As I do not always manage my time efficiently to begin with.)

Today we looked at some more places, drove my mom by the house we're seeing tomorrow (to get her take on the joint) and then went to breakfast at a place in Riverside called CoCo's. It's a sweet bakery cafe place sort of like Baker's Square -- only the food is WAY better and the pies and cookies and stuff they make is much fresher-looking and tasty. Anywho, we ate and chatted (I had some STELLAR Pumpkin pancakes) and then got up. My mom went to the restroom to -- yanno, do what people do in a restroom -- and John and I paid the check. (Because we're sneaky.) She came out laughing and as we walked to the car, enigmatically said, "You know, sometimes having too much imagination is not a good thing."

I blinked at her, and knowing that what would follow would probably be worth asking about chirped, "Whyfor?"

Whereupon my mom began to relate this story about how she was in the stall, just as she got herself situated she realized there was a small hole punched in the ceiling, "Just at the peeerfect angle for a little camera," she mused, her lips spreading into a wry grin. "You know, I've had to pee for like an hour, maybe an hour and a half -- and I thought about getting up right then and there just because of it. So sometimes having too much imagination is a bad thing, because that was all I could think about then as I sat there peeing."

John and I are all chuckles, and I ask her, "Well, what did you do then?"

"I pulled my shirt down over my knees. I was already committed by then! But -- but I could just see it, somehow being really a camera -- and then years later finding the video on the internet -- at www.fatbitchesgopeeinriverside.net -- or something, and just being mortified! Or maybe '.org' because they're a non-profit organization. Just out there to get the word out that fat bitches pee in Riverside. Fulfilling a niche if you will. So see -- too much imagination -- not a good thing."

John and I were splitting with laughter for the next five minutes. I cried I laughed so hard. Stories like this are why my mom is more or less amazing. Because she will say -anything-. She's avidly fearless.

Anyhow, I should go do the dishes and then eat dinner with the family. Perhaps later John and I will Yogurtland -- because that place is HEAAAAAVEEEENNN!
29th-Sep-2009 10:28 pm - The General "I'm Not Dead" Update
So... let's see.

Moving is more or less squared away. The truck is coming sometime tomorrow, though we're not entirely sure when. Moving has been slightly more difficult than really necessary, but that's mostly due to the company being somewhat lame. They have great ratings on google, so... let's just hope they've been having on off week.

We don't know where in CA we're gonna live. Places just haven't really been jumping out at us, and it's hard to arrange things of this nature from 2,000 miles away. However, my mom says we can stay with her until we get settled. This is what we're gonna do.

We're gonna head through Des Moines on Wednesday, and stop over for Thursday, and then leave Friday. Peoples who wanna see me would be most welcome to call me on my cell phone: 515.556.4216 -- if they want to see what I'm up to. Just a thought.

Anywho - moving is killer. Everything is so MESSY. Moving is more messy than just living, that's for sure. Loading stuff into boxes would you'd think make things more organized-looking, but you'd be wrong. It iS an opportunity to go through stuff and clean and throw out stuff I don't need.

I will NOT miss snow, but fall is here now and I think I may miss fall leaves.

Just a little.

But don't tell anyone.


Chicago is nice. Was pretty good to me. I met some great people, saw some cool stuff, had an okay job. But yanno -- Cali is calling me.

Hopefully some of you will be cool enough to visit us. We'd really like that. :)

Be good, kids. Keep warm. ;)

7th-Sep-2009 01:04 pm - An un-laborous day.
So I've been kinda lax on my lj-ing lately. Sorry. I've been busy.

Mostly with wrapping up life at work, and preparing for moving at the end of the month.

We thought we had a good place all picked out, but then it flew off of the market. :( So we're back to square one. I am somewhat frenzied and heartbroken about this, because I'm really sort of sick of how hard this is to do from 2000 miles away, but my mom and John are both being incredibly helpful. It's gotten to the point where I can't bear the idea of moving into another apartment. I really want a duplex or house or one of those long four-plex apartment thingies that are all one story. We're looking at San Bernadino, which is a good 60 miles from LA, 40 or so from Fullerton. It's going to be a hellacious commute, but we need to be able to afford wherever it is we land, and we're getting pressed for time.

So if anyone has any luck to spare, send or waft it my direction, kay?

Work is work. Nothing too spectacular there. It's the usual, though somewhat slowed by the state of the world sort of gig. My last day is the 19th, perhaps sooner at the rate Anastasia seems to be hiring to cover my shifts in two locations. My resume is updated, and everything is ready for me to hit the ground running in Cali.

My whole life seems to revolve around this moving thing these days. Worries about moving, movers, moving quotes, apartments, rent, deposit, any and EVERYTHING about it seems to fill my "empty" time spaces. Even now, I hate that it's Labor Day because I can't call realtors about houses and whatnot.  Blows. A whole Monday wasted.

Alliance this weekend to take my mind off of things. :) Shit. I should preregister. Thanks for reminding me. :)

I am still happy and excited about California. It's just that getting there is proving to be more difficult than I thought. :\ So I'm a little bit in a flurry about it all. I'll settle down once everything is set up and ready to go. Promise.

No set in stone plans for the holiday. Maybe to his parent's house, maybe to see friends, maybe to go out an' about, maybe to do nothing. Dawnno. *le shrug* 

But I should probably get up and shower, at the very least. :P

Have a good holiday peoples!!
26th-Jul-2009 10:46 am - It's [mostly] official:
Holy fuck!
John and I are moving to California.

Now whilest you catch your collective selves from this [earth shaking] revelation, know that it's not until September. Sometime near the end of it. Unless of course the manager doesn't give us an extra month on our lease, which is up the end of August. Then perhaps things will snowball at great speed; but for now -- September. (We have no reason to think she won't give us the month.)

The intention is to move to Orange County, somewhere near my mom/LA. My mom's on board, helping us look for places to live and is fully content to go and scope joints for us out, which is nice. Price-wise, it doesn't seem too much more ridiculous to live there than in Chicago proper. My mom's also helping John come up with job prospects, which is nice because she knows a few writers out there, so perhaps something there will pan out too. I can probably get a job just about anywhere manning a reception desk, so I should land okay too. Cal-State Fullerton also has an excellent theater program, and are double accredited. They also have a Master's degree program, so my transition from one to the other would be relatively easy. Beyond that, my sister's not exactly doing swell at the moment, and I think being there would be good for her, as I tend to be a good influence on the kid. I wanna get her back into Alliance, and help her meet some not so rough and rowdy kids.

There is [indeed, we checked] an Alliance chapter in San Francisco. And the SF chapter seems to be pretty active and fulla some cool cats. Today I plan on beginning to make friends with them and see what I can cook up there. It's only a 5-6 hour drive from the OC to where they play, and Smurf-knows I've driven MUCH farther to play Alliance before -- so things should work out well.

I know it seems sort of sudden, and frankly it kind of feels that way to us -- but we both think it might be good for us too. I'm not gonna go into all of the reasons why -- but trust me when I say that it really is shaping up to be a good plan.  And of course, once we're all settled in you're more'n welcome to come visit us! (Fly into Burbank, it's cheapest. ;) ) Cali really is lovely, and the OC is near all kinds of good stuff: Mickey, beaches, shopping -- all kinds of groovyness.

So next month we're gonna start packing -- I find that if you do it little-by-little it is less daunting -- and prep to go. Hopefully things'll go smoothly. And trust when I tell you that some of you [you know who you are] should expect phone calls to come help carry.  ;)

In the meantime, I'm gonna see about breakfast.

18th-Jul-2009 10:16 am - Indentured.
Alice gossip
So my soul has belonged to SpaCon for the last two days, and after another open to close shift today, my soul will finally be free from the purgatory that is this place after I work a final open to close tomorrow. :P Blarg. This place really starts to bog after four days straight. It's not -hard- work, it's just overly complicated, with software that's sort of dated and not really suited to the business, lots of steps to do simple tasks, and all of the other general nonsense that comes with working for a small business. My boss is the owner, and he's -always- checking up on me. I've just sort of learned to not mind it.

John and I are discussing places to move. It has, I guess, sort of become a given. Between clients today, I'm checking out living arrangements in Cali, and trying to get a feel for things. I am sure my mom would let us stay for a few weeks to get on our feet, but we're still gonna need to know how much rent is generally gonna cost us and whatnot. I'm also trying to scope out the job market -- it seems okay, really, and I can probably get a job doing the same thing I'm doing now (helming a reception desk for a spa or salon) for a few dollars more an hour, which is nice. Our lease isn't up until September, so we'll see.

Next week sometime, I'm going to get my Iowa lisence changed over to an Illinois one. :/ It's just one more thing that's gonna go. My number is, and will be for as long as I can keep it -- an Iowa number. It's like the last shred. At least Illinois won't make me take more'n the written exam (which they still do on paper!) and is like.. 30 or so questions. Their driving test is harder, (short of not having to parallel park, which Iowans do)

John repainted the bedroom yesterday; we've been meaning to repaint the bedroom for like a month now. Maybe longer. It's got one wall painted Behr's caribe (which is a deep blue/teal color) and the other three walls painted coliseum marble (a green-based off-white) and then the sheets and stuff are chocolate brown. It looks really nice. It'll look better when the touchup work is done and we move things back into the room officially. Right now it's just half a room. Sunday it'll be better. :D Then I can sew curtains and throw pillows and stuff. Mebbe a new pillow for the living room chair too... I donno. Anywho -- that's later. It's silly, especially since we're just gonna move, but it's a good "test run" for the color palate if nothing else. :D

I opened a savings account on Tuesday, and will dump money into it monthly until my pile equals the money I owe Grand View College. Then once I pay them, I'll be able to (after I battle them to release my transcripts) go back to school and finish my education. Get me a degree and whatnot. At my current rate, it will take about two years. Hopefully less if I can manage to squeeze away more. :) Anyhow, in a year or two the economy should be in an up-swing, and I'll be able to afford to go back. So I'm also looking at Master's Programs for Theater -- I donno if I want my Master's in Acting or Directing yet. It's sort of a toss up. But after my half a year of school (or so) is finished and my degree is in place from some sort of reputable institution I can, if I want, get a job teaching at a Junior or Community college. Apparently, my Bachelor's degree will allow me to do that. So maybe I'll do that for a bit before I delve into my Master's. Who knows?

So it is, I guess, back to a state of flux for me. :) I am, indeed, quite used to it really. It's not what I want forever, not even remotely -- but for now, it's okay.

I find that most things are okay, as long as John's there with me. :D

Tuesday, I think he and I are going back to Six Flags. Swim some, ride some water slides and whatnot. I think we have some free passes. Think. Any takers?

8th-Jul-2009 04:15 pm - California Blues.
So the trip to Cali was superb. Most of the ins and outs can be found on my Twitter feed, but I will mention some bits here for posterity's sake.

Went shopping @ Rainbow, got lotsa cute and cheap clothes. Spent much of the remaining week wearing said clothes.

Went to Venice Beach, saw strange and fun street freaks and performers, bought John a sweet hat, ate on the sidewalk, drank Pina Coladas, watched the people go by, while a band played on the sand nearby. Haggled with shopkeeps over prices, which was fun as well. Swam in the ocean, almost got mauled by waves -- woot.

Drove the Spider (which is a SUH-WEET car) and went to a movie with John. "The Proposal" is adorable, and we laughed a ton.

Discovered, on a tip from Grandma-Dee -- YogurtLand, which is a heavenly fro-yo place. We ate a LOT of frozen yogurt. Got to finally meet Ceeej, who I've known (surprisingly) for 14 or so years, and had (not surprisingly) more fro-yo with her. Sadly, I didn't get to meet up with her again -- we were so busy!

Ate lots of my mom's (surprisingly?) good cooking, spent a lot of time on the porch just enjoying the weather which was bee-yoo-tee-fool. Cool at night, warm and summery (but not yucky) during the day. My sleep schedule [mostly] adjusted while I was there, which makes waking up here much harder. :P

Went to Disneyland with my sister and John, spent the day looking for Ariel -- who was nowhere to be seen. :( Rode rollercoasters and water rides and had a good time, laughed with childish glee a lot. Saw Mupppets in 3-D, and a real-life Sweetums. :) Toy Story 4-D is also super-fun. Saw Alice and the Mad Hatter, Snow White, and Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) and took a few pictures before my camera broke. (I later managed to fix it, but it was days later.)

Spent time giggling and shooting poppers of confetti at one another on the 4th, realized that my mom is really easy to entertain. :D Or maybe it's "remembered". Hrm.

Got a tattoo -- an evilish and scruffy white rabbit coming out of the Mad Hatter's hat, with some mushrooms around it. It hurt like a bitch, and still kinna does. But it was INCREDIBLY cheap, and I really love it. Next one? Alice inside the "Drink Me" bottle, all hollow-eyed. :D It'll prolly go on my right leg, near the calf, opposite of where the current one is. :D I'm very bruised, and I had to take Aleve to keep the swelling down on the plane (which would have worked if our flight wasn't two-hours delayed) but ended up getting a blister from my sandal cutting into my foot for the last two hours of flight. A tiny little thing, on the top of my foot. :P Anyhow, J at In the Skin in Fullerton, CA is the coolest. He took Ali's sweet idea and expanded it into something even sweeter. I think Ali will probably, come October, ask to apprentice under him, since she'll be old enough by then.

Next tattoo? My mom needs her hummingbird. The seed has been planted. :D I suspect she'll get it done.

Saw Pirate dinner theatre -- sorta like Medieval Times, only pirates -- and decided I wanna do THAT for a living. It looked like a lot of fun! Swinging on ropes and climbing rigging and stuff -- sign me up!

Cried for hours, on and off, in the airport and a bit on the plane ride home. Still sorta weepy, actually. :/ Not entirely sure why. I'm trying to figure out why, exactly. More on that later.

Weather here is determined to make me wanna catch the first flight out to Cali -- all rainy and cold. :P Sorta makes me even more emo.

John and I are discussing moving -- to a few places, if he can find a good job. Cali is on the list. Seattle is too. I can sorta get a job anywhere, and really I want him to do something he doesn't inherently dislike that pays him more akin to what he's worth. So I think, in the weeks to come, he'll proilly start expanding his search. I donno. We'll see how it goes. I will not lie -- I'd love to live closer to my mom, but that means dragging him away from his family -- and that's not really fair either. I'm not gonna make him unhappy just because I wanna see mym other more often. That's sort of selfish. It's a hard sort of thing. Complicated.

I just need to win the lottery so I can afford to fly back and forth. :P

Anywho, I'm at work now, and should probably get back to that. *le sigh*

Stupid rainy weather. :(
25th-Jun-2009 01:33 pm - And so it goes...
i luurrve forks!
So my birthday, she rawked.

I had a stellar time at 6 Flags with Hayley and Pete, and rode about a zillion roller coasters.

Next time, John and I have decided we're hitting the water park. :D

The super-secret birthday awesomeness from John? EVERY EPIDOSE OF FARSCAPE!

He is so great. :) We're gonna watch them together, as he's never seen it.

It is UNBELIEVABLY HOT in our apartment right now. We have no AC, so I took initiative and went onto good ole' craigslist and got us a HUGE AC for the UNBELIEVABLE price of 60 bucks. The AC is like... 18,000 BTUs. :D

But... (and you knew this was coming) the thing is a 220v machine. Our ancient hodgepodged apartment only supports 110v appliances. So I go on the hunt, feeling like a tard for not realizing this HUGE oversight. There's gotta be a fix.

And there is. But apparently it involves calling an electrician who would have to put a 220v outlet in. This, from what I read, would be almost impossible in our place because of how it's wired, almost everything in the apartment is on a single breaker. We'd never be able to do it without running new wires and putting in a new breaker... which is more than either of us want to pay for or deal with in an apartment we may or may not vacate in September.

So I go for door #2 -- a voltage transformer. Apparently you plug it in to the wall and it (up to 2000 watts, as our unit is an 1800 watt machine) ups the voltage so the thing can run. It supposedly can accomodate the 220v plug in the front. Most models are step up/step down (depending on what you need) and this model was only like 50 bucks. John picked it up today. It will probably be a HUUUUGE electricity drain, but we'll see how it goes. Worse case scenario -- this doesn't work, and we hock the HUGE AC on craigslist or/and trade it for a 110v unit. I doubt we'll accidentally burn the house down, as the transformer has a fuse in it that trips so you don't blow anything up -- but yanno. I gotta do something, I can't keep waking up at sunup covered in sweat. Ugh.

So cross your fingers. We'll find out tonight whether the thing works or not. Hopefully -- it will.


If you want a post card, I  can most definitely arrange that -- merely comment with your addy, and I will mail you a purdy card. I'll be there for a week, so it'll prolly get to you even before I get home. :)

If you want sand or something else purdy, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

I am excited beyond words, and I spent WAY too much money on new clothes (mostly SKIRTS AND DRESSES! o.O I know. I'm surprised too.) at Wal-Mart, and on Tuesday I'm gonna snag sandals and a pair of capris, and I'l be set. I have an appointment here at SpaCon to wax my legs and my bikini and to get a pedicure -- we'll see if I follow through with those first two. I'm slightly wussy when it comes to undue amounts of pain. >.>

I will say I admire anyone who waxes on a regular basis. Dizzamn. Letting it grow out is like... killing me. I'm all furry and icky. :P But I'm HOLDING FAST... and hopefully it'll be long enough by Tuesday and can go. Otherwise, I'm gonna have to deal with shaving whilest I'm there. :P Blarg.

Aaannyyyywho -- work is le slow, and I am le bored. I will be quite happy to be gone for a week, though I won't be so happy to be poor. :P The poor part sucks, but really -- mostly I'm just happy to see my Mommy and my sister, and I'm glad that they get to meet John. (Well, Ali's met John already... but whatevs.)

I should probably go back to pretending to work. Six hours left to go. :P I work all day today, half of tomorrow, all day Saturday, and all day Sunday -- to try and backlog a few hours so the payrate crunch won't hurt so bad when I come back from Cali. It's oly like 7 extra hours... but yanno.. thats money I wouldn't have had otherwise. And tomorrow is PAYDAY!!! Let the rejoicing begin!

(Side note work gripe: What part of "you can't book your package unless it's prepaid" doesn't make sense to people? It's a package -- as in a grouping of services, you can't expect to get these services at their discounted prices ala carte. Uhm. Duh. You buy them at the same time, that's why they're discounted. Duh.)

I keep meaning to get John to stop in this store we pass on the way to work -- Rainbow? On North Ave? It's got alla these cuuute dresses in the window. >.> 

I am a maniac with a sickness. Stop me now. :D

Seriously. Someone who makes as little money as I do should not be so addicted to shopping. It's dangerous.

If you find a sack-full of money just lying around... that's mine. I totally left it there on accident. Return it to me 75% full, and we'll call it even, mkay?

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